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Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

Play Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of ShadowsYou can not say that this time you will see originality in terms of the plot, but nevertheless, some interesting moments you can still note: in this game the characters of both Batman and Dent, Cat Women and other characters are fully revealed. In addition, the Waynes family and their deaths are given special attention.

Displacement of the mayor – it becomes hot

So, the story begins with the fact that we see the first days of Batman’s existence, when he was not considered a hero in the notorious city of Gotham. The main protagonist begins to help Dent in the mayor’s shift, and at this moment events are heating up. We will also meet the extremely popular comic book heroine – Woman Cat. Of course, gamers know what features of games make them fascinating. So, fans of games with the elements of the quests are sure to enjoy the presence of this genre in Realm of Shadows. Interestingly, before attacking, the heroes of the game plan the attack itself, and do not rush headlong into the center of the battle.

Less volume – more problems

Many modern games offer the ability to download them to android. Enjoy the game can be at least at home, even on the street. In addition, the mobile version is different in that it contains less narrative text. Perhaps, in this way the creators sought to reduce the volume of the game. It is because of this reduction that many problems arose, primarily with the image. Gamers also note a long boot time, in addition to which there are additional windows waiting, taking even more time.

Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows for free

Despite some shortcomings, Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows still remains an attractive game for many fans. The action on the screen captures and wants to play further, only to find out what the next story of the Dark Knight will end. There are already two episodes of this fascinating game and episode 2 was released in September 2016. The announced release date was September 20 and many fans were eagerly awaiting this premiere.

Not ideal, but fascinating

All episodes are available for download to your personal smartphone. So download the game you can freely at a time convenient for you. The episodes are released gradually, so you have enough time to go through the levels of the previous part and enjoy the effects of the game. Passing each level is an extremely exciting activity for every player, as this is a unique opportunity to present yourself in the place of this dark fighter against crime.

For objectivity, let us outline the main shortcomings

Online game Batman – The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadowsan insignificant part of the narrative history in comparison with the version for the PC;
The degraded quality of technical performance due to the reduced volume of the game;
slow downloading (sometimes it’s impossible even to download it from the first time);
the need for large memory on the android.
Nevertheless, despite the existing shortcomings, this will not prevent the fans of the game enjoy their favorite story. Therefore, watch the release date of each new episode and enjoy the game.

Ember is a homage to classic RPG

Free game EmberThe Ember game is a classic RPG of 2016. If you are a fan of “old school” role-playing games with an isometric view of everything that’s happening, the game will suit you. It does not have modern capabilities, additional types, combos, rolls and other things that make the picture more dynamic. This review is especially for you.

The Ember 2016 project is adapted for both flagships and smartphones.

Great story

Like any other toy of this genre, Ember is hard to imagine without an epic story. The story begins with the resurrection of the protagonist. He belongs to the long-vanished race of “bearers of light.” “Bearers of Light” could communicate with tiny magical creatures by embryos and even had a personal companion-ember. Many years ago, children fell from heaven, and thanks to them on earth life and light were born. The protagonist was resurrected with an important mission – to save this world and help the embers in their trouble. During the journey, he needs to return his companion, restore memory and defeat evil.

Delicious filling

Play Ember onlineThe toy is bright and interesting, a worthy representative of the genre thanks to a thoughtful playing space, the design of cities, buildings.

The creators of the project flooded the gameplay with confusing quests with all possible variants of the denouement. You will be surrounded by entertaining characters, starting with the main character. The developers also thought about originality – as you pass, you choose the path yourself and build a storyline. Note that the creators of the game took care of what to occupy the player in the intervals between battles and the search for artifacts. You can independently improve the hero, acquiring new skills through in-depth crafting. And the house to build, and to fish, and to go, food to cook and create magic weapons, and in the course of creating things – to experiment with materials. There are many opportunities.

Gameplay – a long, but interesting journey

Developers Ember promise to take you through the game for twenty hours without interruption. You, along with the main character, visit cities, mountains, mysterious goblin library, necromancer cave, forests, deserts and gloomy gorges.

The advantage here – you can pause in the course of even the decisive battle. This gives time to evaluate the opponent and the abilities given to him, and also to build a serious line of defense. In the course of the game, you buy equipment, take weapons from enemies or do it yourself.

Battles in the toy are rectilinear. The secret of success in them is your ability to correctly and correctly select and apply weapons, supplementing his skills. Developers tied the hero’s skills to a specific type of weapon. Thanks to this, you do not need to remember anything. The main thing is to change equipment in time.

A worthy creation from professionals

Ember for free gamePros of the game:

entertaining thoughtful plot, which will immerse yourself in the game for twenty hours;
70 tasks;
a thorough study of the game universe;
ingenious and complex battles;
interesting characters;
the game is easy to manage;
It is not overloaded with details and information.

This game of 2016 undoubtedly deserves attention. Russifier is not required, because the toy is translated into Russian. Download the first episode you can in the App Store. In the near future, you can exit Ember 2.

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