NFlavour once again pleased fans of mmorpg games, releasing a fantasy project called Rappelz. The new online game has already managed to occupy a worthy place in a hundred of the most famous online entertainment, which contributes to the constant growth of its admirers.

The current developer of the game is the company Gala Lab Corp, – one of the leaders of the South Korean market mmorpg. The action of Rappelz takes place in a fictional medieval world, where many missions and battles take place. This free online game was launched by Gala Lab Corp in more than thirty countries, including the US, Germany, France, Korea and Japan. In Russia, the presentation of Rappelz took place in September 2008.

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Imagine a Medieval Kingdom full of magic. It is inhabited by representatives of three races – Asura, Gaius and Virgo. It is there that the main events of the online mmorpg game Rappelz develop. After becoming a participant in the project after registration, the player chooses a character of any race for himself and begins to “live” his life. Rappelz – this is the best mmorpg game of the year, full of unique opportunities for the development of characters that are not in other projects. From how actively and dynamically the player develops his hero, his progress in rating online mmorpg depends: with each successfully passed stage and the acquired skill, the possibility of participating in fights increases.

Like any mmorpg online game, this project means having friends and partners. You must assemble a team of like-minded people to prove superiority over the opponent and take control of the beneficial stages of the MMP game Rappelz. By uniting friends around or continuing to fight alone in this mmorpg project, you can in any case be able to defeat monsters, subjugate the dungeons of a fantastic world and make sure that Rappelz is the best free online MMORPG style game.

Like all popular online games, the Rappelz project allows the player to “evolve” in the role of their character and do it quite exciting. This online game has allocated races with different skills, developing and combining which, you can achieve the highest level of evolution. After that, your character will become the main hero mmorpg online game, an invincible conqueror of the fantastic world.

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Like all the best mmorpg projects, Rappelz allows your character to have a pet that will definitely become a full-fledged helper in dangerous adventures.

Rappelz is a free online game in which you will find many friends, learn what team unity is, learn how to organize mmorpg online tournaments and battles, feel the excitement of battles and the taste of victory.

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